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How our program works

Severe reduction in budgetary allocations has exposed several schools to the risk of being unable to provide students with adequate resources for success. In response, Project Succeed, a nonprofit organization, assists educators in acquiring the necessary supplies to support student excellence.



We distribute school supplies exclusively through teachers in the Magic Valley, grades K-8 and do not directly provide them to individuals, families, or organizations.  For parents/guardians, please speak with your child’s school about any possible donations.

Donate School supplies to Magic Valley Idaho
Donate School supplies to Magic Valley Idaho

The importance of a good education cannot be overstated,
and it begins with appropriate supplies.

Donating school supplies is easy

with Project Succeed!

All items collected will be donated locally, and they will stay locally, to make an impact in our classrooms.  

“Having direct conversations with teachers provided me with valuable insights into the significant impact that providing school supplies can have on enhancing the educational experience for students. Together, we can contribute to improving the education future in the Magic Valley.”

~ Melissa Pease, Director

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A Message From Our Founder

Every year the goal is to break records with distributing essential school supplies to as many teachers throughout Magic Valley. We can only reach this goal with the help of our community. By participating in the 2023 you will prepare thousands of students a more equitable place to learn because of your support. Every dollar and pencil counts because every student counts!

Through Project Succeed, we will be able to help the teachers that need the assistance the most through partnerships with schools, community organizations and local businesses.  Project Succeed goal is to dramatically reduce the financial burden on teachers, who often reach into their own pockets to pay for school supplies for their students. 

Thank you for your donations