Learn how you can make a difference in a child’s future

How our program works

Project Succeed is a direct response to the increasing budgetary reductions that have been affecting our schools. In the Magic Valley, multiple schools are facing significant risks of being unable to provide the necessary school supplies and resources for student success.


Additionally, a substantial number of families are grappling with the financial challenges associated with rising costs of living, thereby hindering their ability to provide necessary supplies for their children. Compounding the issue, a staggering 90% of teachers are personally compensating for these deficiencies through their own paychecks.


Our mission is dedicated to relieving the burden on teachers K-8 by directly providing them with school supplies. The process is straightforward: educators can visit the Teachers page and complete the request form specifying their needs. Parents/guardians or individuals passionate about shaping kids’ futures can also get involved in numerous ways. Please visit our Get Involved page to learn how you can contribute directly to Magic Valley schools. For additional information, please visit our FAQ Page or contact us.

The importance of a good education cannot be overstated,

and it begins with appropriate supplies.

Donating school supplies is easy with Project Succeed!

All items collected will be donated locally, and they will stay locally, to make an impact in our classrooms.  

“Having direct conversations with teachers provided me with valuable insights into the significant impact that providing school supplies can have on enhancing the educational experience for students. Together, we can contribute to improving the education future in the Magic Valley.”

~ Melissa Pease, Director

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A Message From Our Founder

Each year, our organization strives to surpass previous achievements by supplying essential school materials to teachers in the Magic Valley region. Our ambitious goal is made attainable by the unwavering support of our community. Your participation greatly impacts the creation of a more equitable learning environment for thousands of students. Every student and every contribution – no matter how small – is significant.


With the implementation of Project Succeed, we have the ability to alleviate the financial burden on educators, who frequently have to personally cover the costs of essential supplies. By working together, we can create a tangible impact on the field of education and ultimately shape the future of every child.

Thank you for your donations